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New Normal at Dental Office in Covid 19 Era.

While everyone start getting ready to go back to work, we have been hard at work preparing our return to the office.

Our patient's and team well being are our #1 priority.

With this in mind, we had installed 7 new medical grade HEPA AIR FILTRATION unit which will turn over the air in our 4 treatment rooms,hallway,waiting and frond desk areas every 8 minutes while filtering 99.99% of airborne particle down to 0.1 micron which can capture COVID-19 since it's 0.125 micron in size.

In addition to that, we add EXTRA ORAL DENTAL SUCTION unit in each treatment rooms to completely remove aerosol /droplets during treatment that contain bacteria & viruses particles.

This system will capture various harmful particles effectively and help reducing airborne bacterial & viral infection

by it's build in ultraviolet light and HEPA filtration technology up to 99.99% efficiency.

I and my dental team promise to keep our patient's safety and health 1st place while providing the highest level of oral health care.

Dr. Moniaga & team.

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